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My mother claims that had she known all forms of Alex would be so popular in my generation she would've never picked it. Yet here we are. Alexandria. Xandria if you like. Never ever Alex.

Twenty One. I work in a craft store and teach kids how to sew. 95% self taught. More often than not look like I stumbled into a box of crayons.

I spend a lot of time designing, creating, and reading comics. I am forever outgeeking myself.



Author: Erin Morgenstern

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Getting back on my feet! And back in touch with the world!



Craftster Best of 2012 Winner
I'm a Craftster Best of 2012 Winner!

A hat! Trilby, or Fedora. Whichever you wanna call.

It’s a first go, but it came out pretty good! It took about three hours all together. I got the denim from work, it’s a midweight. I did all the topstitching with a thread meant for jeans. Most of the major seams were serged.

This fits an average sized head, which makes it too small for me. I’ll probably give it away to a hat loving friend.

Day off means sewing day!

Made an infinity scarf with some of the barcode fabric I got =D

What I’ve been working on! This is the first set to come out really good so this is what I’m showing.

Basically I’m making best friend/couple necklaces on repurposed puzzle pieces with comic friends and couples. I got the pictures for this one from Batman: Li’l Gotham. Harley and Joker ‘cause if I’m being honest, I couldn’t find a got picture of Ivy in the book.

Fabric! And for once it’s not from work!

I made slippers! One of my dogs keeps stealing them and hiding them, so I currently have no slippers. Or at least, I didn’t until last night! My boyfriend canceled on me last night, so I channeled my frustration into sewing.

I used one of the newer Marvel prints for the outer shell, and a swirl fur I had laying around for the lining. The soles are a fabric we call jiffy grip at work, but the bolt calls it no-slip or no-skid. You can find it in the utility fabric section when it’s in craft stores. There is additional fleece padding in the soles, which makes them good to walk on around the house.

Guess what I’m making now!

Star toss time at roller derby!

Made armw warmers and now I’m pretty sure I’m dedicating my life to becoming a full time superhero. It’s definitely the right place for me to be with this lipstick.

So I now have six hats up for sale, and while I will keep working on them, my real goal here is to expand myself. A big reason why I went dead for so long was because I got burnt out with doing just the wallets.

One of the ways I’m going to remedy that is making more than just my wallets, which yes, I still do make, and offering some things as made to order, like this scarf. It’s quilted, with a bunch of different Marvel cotton fabrics on one side and the other is a minky fabric that also has a Marvel print. It’s another thing I made after the car died in an effort to stay warm at the bus stop. I’m doing them as made to order mostly because it’s what makes the most sense. I can do this with other fabrics, the superheroes are just kinda my thing xD

The next thing I’m going to work on is probably bags and other accessories, I just need to work out a few patterns I like.

You can find the scarf listing on my etsy. If you have questions about what other fabrics I’d be able to this in, feel free to ask me here or there, wherever you prefer.