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My mother claims that had she known all forms of Alex would be so popular in my generation she would've never picked it. Yet here we are. Alexandria. Xandria if you like. Never ever Alex.

Twenty One. I work in a craft store and teach kids how to sew. 95% self taught. More often than not look like I stumbled into a box of crayons.

I spend a lot of time designing, creating, and reading comics. I am forever outgeeking myself.



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I'm a Craftster Best of 2012 Winner!

Avenue Q time!

I may have…. gone on a bit of a Jack Harkness spree. Totally did not mean to. I was looking for my Hawkeye comics for another project and found a bag of comics I bought awhile back with a six issue Torchwood run in among them. I recall reading them, but guess I never really got around to doing anything with them. Until now! I made a Jack necklace, and a card wallet, and yes, I am very pleased with myself. Because John Barrowman.

These are both up on my etsy!

I’ve been wanting to make a Joker wallet for awhile now, but I never had enough panels of him, or didn’t think I did. I’ve been going through my comics a lot lately, in an effort to use what I have before bringing in more. And as I have been doing that, I found a lot of small appearances by him that lead to one full wallet, and probably a card wallet soon enough. This is the result!

This is up for sale on my etsy!

The number of crafts I have to wear gloved while doing is ever increasing…

Andddd my first card wallets are up for sale now! I’ve made three so far, and these are them. It’s some pretty random choices, but I’m happy with how they all came out. Baby Avengers [which I would’ve done baby X-Men with them, if I could figure out where my panels for the Baby X-Men went…], Harley Quinn, and Spike! My favorite to work on was Harley Quinn, but my favorite overall was Spike, if that make any sense? I just like the Spike comics more I think, haha.

Anyway, these are up on my Etsy as always. And I’m off to work on more, because they are a nice break from the full wallets [so quick to make!].

I am trying very hard to keep up this pattern of making new things. For now, this will probably be the end for a little bit while I work out the kinks on the new stuff I’ve started making, but here they are nonetheless. I’ve made a character pendent necklace I like, and earrings also! I used to make other character earrings, but I was never really fond of how they came out, so when I got the supplies to make the necklaces I realized they were light enough for earrings. And off I went.

For the prototypes I did Dee from Rat Queens, because I wanted a Dee necklace and this gave me an excuse to make one for myself, and Warbird from X-Men. Warbird is by far one of my favorite female X-Men characters, and since X-Men seems to specialize in kick ass women that means something for me.

I will be making more of these and unlike a lot of my jewelry which is usually only for sale at cons, this stuff will make it onto Etsy. If you have character requests you can always catch me there!

A couple months ago, my craft space got an overhaul! And today, I was cleaning it up after the tornado of me getting ready for a con blew through, and I thought I should take some pictures.

There are three things in particular I really love about the space now:

1. I now have TONS of fabric storage. My mom hung three rods that are sold as like closest inserts, so I hang up my harder to wind fabric and the stuff I have a ton of yardage of. On top of that I have three shelves to hold more fabric, which I wind on comic back boards [they make great bolts!]

2. Peg board! I Can hold so much on this thing. There are spots for my curves and rulers, wire, some finished product, scissors, and other this and that. And I can always rearrange it in the future.

3. Finally, I have a GIANT fold out cutting/ironing table now. Which means no more cutting out on the floor, no more aching back! I mostly keep it folded down or with just one leaf out when I’m working on smaller projects, because it does take up quite a bit of space.

The other stuff is a combination of decoration, storage, and work space. I really do love it. And I have my mom to thank for it. While I helped put stuff together, she did the bulk of the hanging and putting together of shelves, the table, ect. I mainly moved the stuff in once everything was ready.

I made a new kind of wallet! A.K.A a card holder. The best thing about prototypes? I get to make them just for me, and the change of pace feels so good. This literally took about a 1/2 hour to make while my wallet wallets take about 1-1/2 hours to make. I did Big Mac because I personally have been wanting a Big Mac wallet for ages but he doesn’t appear quite enough in the comics to have a full wallet. So this was the perfect chance to use him!

This is lined with a bottom weight fabric [denim sateen] and is about 5 x 4 ins. when open and  5 x 2 ins. when closed. It has enough room for a few credit/loyalty cards [I currently have six in it] and a few bills. I made two extra pockets on the inside with vinyl to help with the capacity.

I’m going to do the comics going up in down in the ones I make for sale, I think it will look a lot better. And I’m thinking of ordering some tinted vinyl for the pockets just to make some variety. We shall see.

And finally, the things that don’t fall into Marvel or DC, which basically mean My Little Pony and Adventure Time, plus one Buffy wallet. What I have here is: The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rainbow Dash, Willow from Buffy, Fiona and Cake, Ice King and Queen, Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake, Pinkie Pie, Marceline and Bubblegum, and Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor. The one I love the most is the Cutie Mark Crusaders, mostly because I liked reading their comic xD.

These are up on my Etsy!

Now for DC. The line up here is: Batman Lil’ Gotham, Static Shock, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Cyborg, Miss Martian, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Zantanna, and Poison Ivy. My favorite her was surely Lil’ Gotham, though it was also hard as hell because the artwork is a lot more flowy than other comics.

Up on my Etsy!