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My mother claims that had she known all forms of Alex would be so popular in my generation she would've never picked it. Yet here we are. Alexandria. Xandria if you like. Never ever Alex.

Twenty One. I work in a craft store and teach kids how to sew. 95% self taught. More often than not look like I stumbled into a box of crayons.

I spend a lot of time designing, creating, and reading comics. I am forever outgeeking myself.



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Getting back on my feet! And back in touch with the world!



Craftster Best of 2012 Winner
I'm a Craftster Best of 2012 Winner!

The first of the two wallets is one I had some serious fun making, mostly because I got to re-read all of my Marceline and the Scream Queens comics before hacking them up for this. I honestly don’t watch much of the show because we don’t have cable, but I love love love the Adventure Time comics and spin offs, because they’re just funny and great. 

This is available for sale on my Etsy, so check it out there!

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